How Do hCG drops work?

There has been a lot of talk recently about the hCG diet. The reasons for the continued conversation regarding this diet plan are the amazing results being seen by people all over the country. In many cases people struggle with weight loss, even when they are making all of the right efforts to burn the unwanted fat. A man by the name of Dr. A. Simeons developed a way to help those individuals in meeting their goals, whether they hoped to lose just a few pounds or a few hundred.

The Human Chorionic Gonadotopin (hCG) hormone is naturally released during pregnancy. It has long been detected by pregnancy tests, allowing woman to know sooner that they are with child. Today, however, hCG plays another important role. Dr. Simeons theorized that the hormone played a significant role in the body, triggering the hypothalamus area of the brain.

The hypothalamus acts to keep autonomic functions within the body, such as breathing, heartbeat, and digestion, working properly. It also monitors the metabolism. The hCG acts on that area so causing a release of fat stores. In pregnant women, this would be the added energy needed to nourish the growing child within. However, that same phenomenon in non-pregnant individuals could result in fat being melted away.

There has been a lot of skepticism about this program, which is to be expected. After all, the hCG market is open to a very wide industry, including both well trained and competent physicians, as well as companies who know little about medicine and the body who are only trying to profit on a growing trend. hCG really can work for you, but it is important to understand both its strengths and its limitations.

hCG cannot work alone to make a person lose weight. It is not a miracle drug. It is intended to operate as a weight loss aid. For that reason, the professionals who provide the injections or drops will also advise that the patient practice a routine of healthy eating and regular exercise to ensure that the weight loss goals are met. It is important to seek the assistance of professionals like those who operate medical clinics and laser facialclinics, who are trained in assisting individuals in the process of weight loss. Though hCG drops are available over-the-counter, this homeopathic variety of the hormone is often accompanied with unsafe dietary restrictions. Suggesting that people consume as few as five hundred calories per day (approximately a quarter of what the average individual expends each day) without supervision is both dangerous and reckless. The changes to diet and lifestyle while using hCG should be monitored by a professional to avoid negative side effects and to ensure that the individual remains health and on track to meet the ultimately goals.

hCG can be the boost you need to see your weight loss goals become a reality. By changing the way that your brain views the fat stores in your body and altering your dietary habits, you can become the slimmer, trimmer you that you have always wanted to be.

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