Will Cedar Shakes Work On Your Home?

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This natural materials holds up well against water in its original state, which is likely why people first thought to put it atop their homes. However, as time has gone by, cedar shakes have been improved to make them more fire retardant, hardier, and even more waterproof. For this reason and for the fact that they add tremendous value to the curb appeal of a property, many are considering changing out asphalt for a piece of Mother Nature.

Probably the first question that most homeowners will consider is the aesthetic appeal. Because so much can be done with cedar shakes – they can be painted, stained, lacquered, or left to weather naturally – they can work with nearly any house exterior. While they certainly be the right choice for a flat-topped roof, so long as you have a peak overhead, you will likely love to look of wood roofing. However, if you aren’t sure, it might be wise to consult with the experts in roofing. Houston professionals can show you examples to help you visualize the finished product should you choose this affordable Houston roofing solutions.

Speaking of cost, this is generally the second question asked. How much will it cost? The answer, of course, will depend on your location, the professionals that you hire to install the shakes, the quality of the materials used, and the size of your house. However, you can expect that the upfront cost will be slightly higher than asphalt shingles, but far less than slate.

Though the upfront price can be a shellshock for some homeowners, in truth they are well worth the investment. Today, cedar shakes are made to last. They come with wonderful warranties and can adorn your home for twenty-five years or more. Perhaps the best part about cedar shakes is the fact that they age with grace, developing a natural, stunning aesthetic as time passes.

When it is time to remove them, however, you might find yourself asking about recycling possibilities. Unfortunately, the coatings applied to the wood to keep it water tight and fire resistant makes them less desirable to recycling plants. That is not to say that you can’t appreciate their eco-friendly nature however. Cedar shakes, removed carefully, can often be put to repeat use on outbuildings, dog houses, and similar structures to extend their use and reduce the waste created.

In order to put off roof repair for Sugarland, Texas homes, the experts agree that there are a few things that homeowners can do to preserve cedar shake roofing, but you can learn more about professional help at this website. If you are up to the task of taking care of your own roof, the process is fairly straight forward. The general maintenance required in minimal. A regular, gentle washing and inspection for potential problem areas are about all that is needed to keep your roof looking great for decades to come. If you do spot trouble, such as a missing or cracked shake, then a quick call to the local roofers will get the repair done right and prevent a growing issue.

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