Waiting for the Contractor? Roof Repair Tips You Need Now

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Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements, and it is attacked by wind, rain, snow, and ice on a regular basis. Hiring a qualified roofing contractor to offer you the affordable Dallas roofing solutionsyou need can help you make the necessary repairs and keep your roof up to snuff. But if a shingle has become loose or split or you notice some rusty flashing, can you take the do-it-yourself route for a quick and easy fix?

Maybe! It depends on the roof, the problem, and you. If you are comfortable working on your roof, and you have the proper tools and safety equipment, you can complete many DIY projects. Before you start, keep these tips in mind:

  • • Before you work, make sure your roof is completely dry and that there is no debris, such as leaves. Even the pros don’t like to work on slippery roofs.
  • • You want to be a fair weather roofer: if there are any signs of rain, thunder, lightning, or wind, choose another day.
  • • Wear shoes or boots with rubber soles for traction and good ankle support. Safety glasses and a hardhat should round out your outfit.
  • • Do it yourself doesn’t mean do it alone. Make sure that you have someone to help, or at least someone on the premise who can help if there is an accident.
  • • Secure your ladder on a flat, solid surface.
  • • Remove nails and shingles as you work to prevent them from becoming a tripping hazard.
  • • Create a secure anchor system. You can attach a ladder to the roof or nail lengths of 2×4 to the surface to provide safe footing. (Keep in mind that you have to be careful where you nail! You don’t want to cause more damage.)
  • • Limit the amount that you walk on the roof. You do not want to damage the roof, and you certainly do not want to walk over weak spots and risk injuring yourself.
  • • When replacing shingles, do not walk over the damaged area. Again, you risk injury – and a gaping hole in your roof.
  • • Be aware that, if you should injure yourself, your homeowner’s insurance will not cover the cost of your medical care.
  • • Know when to hang up your DIY hat and call roofers or a roof repair company in Plano, TX. Multiple leaks, streaks or stains, moss or algae, missing or buckled shingles, rusted flashing, deteriorated sealant around chimneys and flues, and other signs indicate that your roof needs help, and quick. Also, roofs with a steep pitch are best left to professionals who have the experience, training, equipment – and insurance! – to handle them. It is important to have a professional opinion, as well, because sometimes the roof is not the problem. Leaks could be caused by siding, gutters, vents, and other elements that a layperson might not consider.

Remember, safety is the top priority! Keep your roof strong and yourself safe by following these tips and calling in qualified contractors for help when necessary.

Roofs in perspective (http://www.flickr.com/photos/franciscoantunes/2235883654/) / CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)

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