Composite or Traditional Slate Roofing: Which One Is Right For You?

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While many people still turn to traditional shingles as they look to have their roofs replaced, an increasing number have started to embrace the beautiful look of slate, and with good reason. It not only makes your home look amazing, it has some real energy efficiency bonuses too. If you’re considering moving forward with a slate roof, you have some decisions to make. It starts when you ask your roofing contractors whether traditional slate tiles or composite slate tiles are right for you. Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of both.

Traditional Slate – This has been a fairly common roofing materials for decades, and while it’s often also one of the most expensive types of roofing you can buy, you get real durability with this choice. Just glance at any slate roof, and you’ll instantly see the aesthetic appeal. You can see the grain and color variations in the stone, giving your home a level of natural beauty few others experience. It’s that fact alone that really adds to the cost. The stone has to be quarried, cut, then delivered to a retailer so your Georgetown, TX, roofing crew can then order it and install it on your home. It’s not just the material, though, that adds to your overall costs. It can also add to your labor bill. Contractors often take a bit longer to install this roofing material, which may make it cost more initially. The benefit, though, is long term durability, which could mean you don’t see a roofing crew for years to come. Add that to the fact that it is fire retardant and excellent when it comes to shedding water, and you have a winning combination in terms of long term costs.

Composite Slate – If you love slate but you just can’t deal with the initial costs of the installation, composite slate is a good compromise that you may be offered by your roofers. Pflugerville, TX, crews will often offer you a discount of up to 75 percent over that of traditional slate tiles when you go with the composite version. Color choices here are endless, so you get some options here that you might not with slate. The bonus, though, is that as with slate, the maintenance is almost none, so you still save a bit of cash in the long run. Moreover, composite slate tiles can usually be placed right over your current roofing solution, so you may save a little bit on your labor bill, even though you’re moving ahead with a slate roof.

If you’re interested in the beauty and benefits of slate, talk with your roofing professional about your options among both traditional and composite slate choices on the market today. Look carefully at both costs and benefits before you make a decision on which material might be the best one to meet your roofing needs.

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