Increase Property Value by Paving Your Driveway

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For those who have lived with a gravel driveway, there are almost certainly complaints. While gravel is fine in some instances and certainly does the job, there are issues unique to this type of driveway surface that can cause home buyers to turn away. For instance, unlike blacktop or concrete, gravel surfaces do not hold up well in the rain, quickly turning into a muddy mess that will undoubtedly be tracked into the home as pets, kids, or visitors make their way in. Furthermore, for those living in colder climates than what we see here in Austin, there is concern about shoveling and plowing. Gravel makes the job more difficult and far less neat.

For these reasons and also for concerns of eye appeal, it is a good idea to consider the property value advantages of paving your driveway. Just as the television personalities speak endlessly about ‘curb appeal’, so too will any good real estate agent. Paving adds a level of class that gravel simply cannot.

That being said, there is likely concern over the cost of the job. After all, the price tag for brand new asphalt paving is not cheap and concrete paving can cost even more. However, it can be looked at as an investment, because the experts agree that paving a driveway will increase the value of the property by at least the price paid. In other words, for every dollar you spend on that new surface, the value of your home will increase by at least one dollar. The shape, size, and depth of the driveway will determine how much total value will be added. This makes perfect sense when one considers the usefulness of a driveway. If that space can fit just one vehicle, but the home would be attractive to a couple or small value, then the driveway might act as a sort of deterrent. However, if there is plenty of room for two cars, side-by-side, then the paving job will be even more worthwhile. To further increase the appeal to potential buyers, a simple pathway made of brick or concrete pavers to a patio or second entrance is a wise consideration. These updates to a property make it look neater and more attractive, which is exactly what a buyer wants in a new home.

For those who are looking into Austin asphalt paving companies, but who are not ready to list the home for sale, there is likely some hesitation related to upkeep. Though it is true that paving a driveway will mean caring for it more frequently, that thought shouldn’t be an intimidating one. Asphalt and concrete are relatively forgiving and can survive many years without issue. Asphalt will have to be sealed every two or three years, but the cost is minimal and will keep the driveway in tip-top shape. If cracks do occur before you decide to list the home, it is a good idea to call in the professionals to do a quick fix, so when you are ready to sell, the beautiful surface will still be a point of interest to potential buyers.

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